Thursday, 17 November 2016

Best Neurosurgeon in Mumbai-Dr Atul Goel Kem Hospital, Dr Atul Goel Neurosurgeon, Atul Goel Neurosurgeon

Highly accomplished medical professional Atul Goel, AtulGoel Neurosurgeon, is   highly revered not only because neurosurgery is a complex medical specialty, the surgeons often have to make difficult life-changing decisions. For patients and their families, it is imperative for such complicated surgery, that they choose the best; the most skilled surgeon who has had the best training. Atul Goel Neurosurgeon is also a board certified family physician in Nellis AFB, Nevada who received his medical degree from State University of New York Upstate Medical University and has already been in practice for close to 30 years.

A Thorough Medical Check-Up Reveals Answers to Treatment- Dr Atul Goel Mumbai
He always gives his patients a complete medical check-up as well as tests and examinations which ensure that he gets an accurate estimation of the patient's health status so that he can proceed with treatment accordingly. Some of these tests will include among others haemoglobin, serum cholestrol, urea, blood group, sodium, uric acid, serum triglyceride and others.  Dr Atul Goel believes in remaining current with the latest technologies in order to effectively treat conditions surrounding neurosurgery. 
Dr Atul Goel Neurosurgeon
Inventions which Become the Global Standard - Dr Atul Goel Kem HospitalWhen you consider that Dr Atul Goel Neurosurgeon, Atul Goel Neurosurgeon have to deal with brain tumors, pituitary tumors, spine and nerve disorders and cranial base diseases, pediatric and developmental disorders as well as trauma and emergency situations around the brain, you begin to understand how critical it is to choose the right medical specialist.

 Dr Atul Goel is one of India’s innovative Atul Goel Neurosurgeon and has developed a technique known as the atlanto-axial facetaldistraction and cranio-vertebral realignment, and this technique is actually becoming the global standard for the treatment of basilar invagination and is replacing the traditional technique of surgery through the mouth.

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